Morgan's Dog/Pet Policy

Well-behaved, sociable and quiet dogs are always welcome at Morgan’s Outdoor Adventures based on their owners following our Pet Policy.
Dogs must be on leashes at all times when traveling on our vehicles, camping in our campgrounds, hiking on the trails.  Owners are responsible for picking up after their dogs as well.
No dog/pet will be left unattended; they must be with their owner at all times.  If you get to go to Kings Island, your pet gets to go to a Doggy Daycare.  If you go canoeing or hiking, your pet will love going with you.  If you ride the bike trail, please bring a dog trailer/carrier for them.  They love to be outdoors and with you as much as possible!!
We do reserve the right to ask you and your pet to leave our facilities if your dog/pet “acts in an aggressive manner” or is not able to follow our pet policy.  
Thank you for helping us make this a fun, safe environment for dogs and kids of all ages.