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Morgan’s 31st Annual Little Miami Triathlon-Fall Edition

October 07, 2010

It was a cold and grey start to the day for Morgan’s 31st Annual Little Miami Triathlon-Fall Edition, but it only added to the sense of excitement and anticipation for the 1300+competitors (largest one yet...we didn't close off registration this time around) that were participating. We offered up hot tea,hot coffee and hot chocolate, which the crowd sipped on and tried to warm up while waiting for their heat to be called. There was plenty of water in the Little Miami River for the 6 mile canoe portion of the race, believe it or not, thanks to a dam release from Ceasar’s Creek by the Army Corps of Engineers(who are nice enough to work with us), as well as a much needed rainfall the day before. I think the runners and walkers appreciated the cool temps during the 5.5 mile route, especially after such a hot and dry August and September. Then, during the biking portion, bikers faced down the wind which I think must’ve helped them move a little quicker!

It is hard to believe that what started 31 years ago with just 75 competitors has grown to become such a Cincinnati tradition with competitors coming from all over the country-from Oregon to Maine! We love to see the returning athletes and weekend warriors who come back year after year and sometimes compete in t-shirts from the event 20,25 years ago. It’s also great to see some of the many new faces and see their sense of accomplishment in completing this rigorous race. Many people use the event to set goals for themselves, such as this participant(Jon M) who emailed me before the race last week:

“I've lost over 90 pounds since March and your event has been my training focus since May. My team is called "Don't Stop for Banjo Music" and we shove off at 10am.Thanks for putting this on...I can't flippin' wait for Sunday!”

Now that is gratifying! Congratulations to Jon and all the other athletes who participated in this event last Sunday....even if your ambition was to "just finish", it was impressive to see so many of you reach your goal! Hope to see you again in June 2011!


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It's a great experience even if you don't participate. We happened to be there on vacation during the last event and it was as fun to watch as I assume it is to be in. -Dan
Dan 12:42PM 04/11/11
Hey...I know that "Jon M" guy...that's me! Thanks for an AWESOME event! I'm still working on an entire page for my site devoted to the LMT. Your race, along with my first 5K event (Colerain 4th of July Spectacular) will be two events in which I'll compete annually and measure progress. Again, thank you so much and I can't wait for next fall...if I can make it. I may need to do June.
BigPapaJon 1:36PM 10/08/10