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We love our customers like we love the outdoors and we want your Morgans' experience to be nothing short of spectacular. We very much care to hear your input, good and bad. Please tell us how we're doing using this form and see what others have said below.


We just spent Labor Day weekend at Morgan's campground. It was our first time camping with them and i have to say it was our best camping experience to date!! We took 6 children with us, 5 of them teenagers, and they ALL had a great time, this is not an easy task! We have never seen such a family oriented campground! The grounds were clean, the showers hot, and the snack bar was delicious! The staff was friendly and helpful from the time we arrived until the time we left. The canoeing and kayaking was awesome and we can't wait to do it again!! If i had to rate the campground on a scale from 1 to 10 ..I would give them an 11. We had soo much fun that we have already booked cabins for the halloween spooktacular haunted river!! Can't wait to go back..not sure we can wait until halloween!

Troy and Pam B. on 09/08/10

We have cycled the Little Miami bike trail for years and always talked about camping and cycling. We finally did it this weekend, and stayed at Morgan's campgrounds! What an awesome treat! Not only were we able to get right on the trail from our campsite, but we also went tubing later in the afternoon and enjoyed every minute of it! Dirk and Lori were just awesome! We never felt so welcomed! We will continue to go back and I would recommend it to any and everyone! The place is well run and clean. The enitre staff are friendly and helpful! If you're looking for a fun get away with alot to do, I highly recommend it!

Cyndi T. and Ed N. on 08/10/10

My wife, myself and our two sons, spent two days camping at Morgan's for the frist time. The staff is courteous and helpful, and the campground itself is spotless and has become our favorite place to camp. We had so much fun canoeing and camping at Morgans that we intend to camp there every opportunity we get. I can't say enough about the great family experience we had and how friendly and kind everyone was there. I highly recommend Morgans for a great camping experience!

Lynn S. on 07/27/10

I read a nice article about the Morgan's yesterday in the Mason Journal.  I believe your dad's friend who is a writer, inspired my father, who was also a writer, to take me on an unforgettable trip to the Boundary Waters in the Quetico wilderness way back in the 70's!  I enjoyed it so much, that I did several followup trips and even outfitted trips with other Men and their sons.  My last adventure was 3 years ago.

Thank you for your passion that has influenced so many, including myself. I now enjoy kayaking the local streams and lakes and share in your love for the sport and conservation of natural areas.

Mark F. on 07/14/10

It was many years ago when my husband and I would come and spend a day on the river. Now we have a family with 2 boys ( 9 and 11). We drove from Indy and had a wonderul day! The boys had a blast learning to steer a kayak. The weather was great, the water level was perfect, the facilities were clean and well taken care and customer service was beyond satisfaction. Would highly recommend the 8 mi trip. We spent a good 3.5 to 4 hours on the river, stopping often to take a dip, have a snack, watch the boys swing from the ropes along the riverside. It was a very enjoyable day, and very affordable. Thank you and we will be back!

Orth on 07/14/10

We (29 people) canoed the Whitewater River yesterday using your rental equipment and really had a great time. Your office and field people were very pleasant and helpful.  We will be returning again soon. Thanks!

Tom W. on 07/11/10

Was there all weekend...we love you guys so much, everybody was so sweet and kind to us, accommodating. We live in cincy and we always talk about how lucky we are to have you guys so close. You have the best staff, the best campgrounds, and the canoe experience was so great too! See you again really soon!

Kimberly B. on 07/10/10

Thanks to Morgan's for hosting the Clark Montessori students. My daughter, Simone, had a wonderful time!! I am truly grateful to the Morgan's who had the vision to expand their outdoor adventures to Costa Rica which allows so many students an experience that they will never forget. Thanks to Steph and Deb whose planning and hardwork was greatly appreciated and assured many parents that our kids were in good hands!! :)

Margaret U. on 04/08/10

Moira and Gary, I am so happy that Graham was able to participate in this great adventure. It is truly a trip of a lifetime. It seems like they have been gone a long time even though it has only been a week. I love to see their smiling faces.
Cathy F. on 03/26/10
We have been camping at Riverside for 15+ years and canoeing at Morgans since the early '70's. The campground is clean and well maintained and the management is excellent, friendly and camper oriented. The campsites are spacious and private, and the afford a great river experience. We have spoken with other campers, ranging from an individual on a one night stay to scout groups to week long family campers and all rate Riverside a superior place to pitch camp. We would highly recommend Riverside to anyone who loves the outdorrs and a great camping experience.
Rick and Ellen on 07/25/09
Made our reservations back in February. When we showed up everything was set to go. Everyone was polite for our 2 night stay. Only 10 minutes from Kings Island and easy directions. We stayed one of the new cabins no electricity but wasn't a big deal we brought a lantern. Cabins were very clean and for restroom convenience the behind the cabins were out houses that were cleaner than most rest areas we stoped at on the way. Family orientated no alcohol and for both nights we heard no loud parties. For our experience 5 out of 5 stars.
D. Kerby on 07/08/09