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FLMSP Trail News, April 2016: Monarch & Bee Lifeline

April 09, 2016

DIRK MORGAN'S featured article in Friends of the Little Miami State Park Newsletter, April 2016

Last fall Dirk Morgan, an FLMSP volunteer and bee keeper, began a project to help endangered monarch butterflies, bees, and other pollinators by creating three Monarch Way Stations on his property along the trail.

With the help of Randy Evans of Three River Nature Conservancy and The Monarch Watch Foundation, Dirk established these small oases for our winged friends by planting milkweed and several other native perennial species of plants and flowers.

His goal is to use the trail and river valley as a natural corridor in which to establish these Way Stations like stepping stones. He would like to bring willing private landowners along the trail together with individuals, companies and organizations and provide them with the means to create and "adopt" a Way Station.

To learn more or help with the Way Station program, contact Dirk Morgan:


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