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Walnut Hills Students feeling the Pura Vida

April 04, 2013

 Sorry families for not posting as much as we would have liked! Being literally "off the grid" has made it challenging to connect. On the other hand, the kids have connected with nature like never before! We have a great group of students that will have many adventures and stories to share with you when they get back to Cincinnati!

Today was the Finca Kobo organic farm tour....we learned about some of the heritage crops they are growing including white pineapple, square bananas and star fruit. All truly delicious! We also learned about the culture and history of the "nectar of the gods"...otherwise known as CHOCOLATE. At the end of the tour we sat down at a long table filled with the organic fruit sliced up with bowls of chocolate to dip it in. Oh, yeah, and the flourless chocolate cake. MMMMMMMMMMM!!!! Words cannot describe! 

Other adventures included zipping through the rainforest canopy, horseback riding high atop a ridge in the primary rain forest, hiking through a clear creek to a pristine waterfall,snorkeling in the Golfo Dulce, and having delicious meals every day! We miss you all and thank you for sending us on this grand adventure,parents! 

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