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St Mary's Group arrives safely in Costa Rica!

April 15, 2012

Hola Everyone!
We made it safe and sound to Costa Rica! We had no problems going through customs, as a matter of fact they moved our very large, and very PINK group through quickly. The kids seem to be getting along wonderfully. There was constant chatter and singing on the Morgan's new and air-conditioned bus. As I write this, all sixteen students are in the "cool tub" the size of XXL bathtub.We stopped to look at the crocodiles in a river on the way down and had great views of the Pacific as we enjoyed Costa Rican juice boxes and other goodies. The weather is very, very warm. We are about to eat delicious pasta while listening to a local saxophone player. Keep reading the blog and making comments. We would love to hear from everyone!
Pura Vida! Suzanne "Mama Suz" Doyle


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We just spent the weekend at the campground and had a wonderful time canoeing and riding the bike trail. I can recommend anyone to go camping there. It is a very scenic area and the camp sights are beautiful. I don't think you can go wrong picking any one of them. It was a great change of pace to be outdoors and one with nature. I am not one to go camping in a tent. I haven't done it in 14 years. I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was and will definitely do it again soon. The staff is very helpful and kind and the campground is well kept up. Canoes are well maintained and the river very scenic and easy to navigate. Great for all ages!
Susan Logsdon 2:24PM 10/01/12
Costa Rica sounds really cool and being with the students sounds a lot of fun. I'm sure it's going to be a great trip for you all. I wish I could come down to Costa Rica too. Nice blog by the way. I find myself wishing that I could get to travel really soon.
Jamie Lee 2:38AM 08/22/12
We just recently visited Morgan's Little Miami Campground for our 3rd trip, first this year and had a wonderful time doing the 18 mile kayak adventure on a Hot, Hot, Hot day. Morgan's is wonderful and we stayed in the Cabins which were super clean, perfect conditions for a relaxing comfortable couple of days. We road our bikes on the Loveland Trail to Murrow for Ice Cream and I road my bike all the way back to Newtown for my pick up back home, 30 + miles, it was just beautiful. The folks at Morgans made our time there tons of fun, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable clean and fun time. We will continue to visit at least a couple of trips per year.
Denise Bradley 4:51PM 06/27/12
Well according to some of the photos, it looks like everyone is having a great time and dad is doing his job by embarrassing Carlye. Carlye girl hang in there! We miss you both but so far have managed to make it thru the weekend without you. You also seem to be managing just fine! All of Maincat's games on Saturday were cancelled except for one Lacrosse game, due to rain. Sunday's weather was gorgeous so we got all lawns cut and Ben had his lacrosse game..they won! We then went to the Murray's basketball party and everyone was talking about Costa Rica and how much fun you are going to have..even Nick said he wishes he was there again! We all love and miss to you soon! Mom
Karen 2:10AM 04/16/12