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Walnut Hills High School Arrive in Costa Rica

March 25, 2012

The Walnut Hills students at Domilocos in Dominical, Costa Rica.

The Walnut Hills students at Domilocos in Dominical, Costa Rica.

The Walnut Hills High School group arrived in Costa Rica on Friday Mar 23 and all are ready for an adventure of a lifetime! After touch down in San Jose, they boarded the "autobus" for Dominical. The students enjoyed stroll through town and to the beach, and back to the hotel where they enjoyed a great meal at Domilocos Hotel and Restaurant. Saturday....back on the bus to the Osa Peninsula and Morgan's Jungle Lodge! 


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Anjele we are very glad your having a great time there by the looks of this picture that you and all of your student are enjoying this great adventure of a life time wishing you all the best fun there waiting on more pictures and a great story line to tell us all how you all like your trip so far.
Stanley Larkin SR 9:59PM 03/25/12
Looks like you all are having fun! Have a great time!
Stephanie Thomson 4:30PM 03/25/12
The smile on my grand-daughter's, Anjele, face shows that she is having the time of her life. I can't wait until she comes home to tell me all about her adventure.
Patricia Stewart 3:59PM 03/25/12
I hope everyone has a great time.
George Stewart 3:58PM 03/25/12
Have a wonderful time WHHS........Keep us posted!
Melanie Larkin 3:57PM 03/25/12
Pura Vida WHHS!! Wish I could be there with you. Have a great trip. Keep us posted on your adventures. Mark & Susan
Mark Celsor 1:12PM 03/25/12