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March 28 update from John and Peter

March 29, 2012

John: Today we visited a cocoa plantation, where a dazzling Latin American man-guide (who had a striking resemblance to Alan Rickman) told us of the names and uses of a variety of plants, including lemon grass, ginger, star fruit, cinnamon, bananas, cashews, and cocoa beans. He proceeded to explain the process of fermenting the cocoa beans and then roasting them for production. We were then treated with a lunch of fresh fruit and plantation-made chocolate sauce. Our next activity of the day was by far the most breathtaking. Soaring above the trees on zip lines hundreds of meters long, we got a bird’s eye view of the rainforest canopy. This was one of the few times where we had rain fall, but I feel that in that moment we were able to experience the true rainforest.

Peter: During the rest period back at the lodge, Helen taught that sexy beast Peter how to make wire bracelets, while Mr. Gray obliterated any foolish enough to challenge him to a game of ping-pong. He ruthlessly slashed the air with his paddle; his eyes alight with the fire that can only be inspired when deep in the throes of the glorious battle that is the game of ping pong. The tension in the air could have been cut with a knife, so intense were those matches, I personally found myself breaking out into a cold sweat while simply watching them twirl about the field of battle.


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Lincoln! you are the light of my life.... You are SO BRAVE for doing all this... I LOVE YOU :)
Sooz McCafferty 12:20PM 03/30/12
Thanks for the color commentary! Clearly, you are seeing and doing some interesting things and having a lot of fun at the same time.
Stephanie Thomson 9:25AM 03/30/12