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Day 4

March 27, 2012



Today the rest of the WHHS students did their horseback riding in the Rain forest. Accompanied by Mr. Gray and resident equestrian Helen Ashdown, the WHHS Students did a different trail from the prior day's group because yesterday's heavy rain had caused many more trees to impede the trail. Adonnis, the certified Indian guide accompanied both the groups on each of their rides, when we saw squirrel monkeys, vultures, "cara-cara", pink spoonbills, Kingfisher, iguanas, wild pigs and as always a plethora of spiders of various sizes and patterns. Helen, did such a great job assisting the horse guides with tacking and un-tacking the feisty mountain horses, that they offered her a job!


The other group of Mr. Schnurre, Angele and Mrs. A and the Hobbs family under the expert tutelage of Gary Morgan went creeking on the Rio Carbonara and saw several poisonous dart frogs, varieties of skinks and were pelted , albeit unwittingly. by a pack of squirrel monkeys discarding their wild fig-like fruit. The best part was jumping into the 15 ft or more deep waterfall pool of crystal clear water. Mr. Morgan was most satisfied that all of our students followed his instructions and there were no "narrow escapes" on the slippery rocks or steep mountain trails, including no sightings of any serpents, much to Mrs. A's chagrin.

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We are glad you are really have a great time there and enjoy your time and we enjoying all the picture of your class I know you all have a blast
stanley sr 10:27AM 03/28/12
In the words of your fave band, can't wait to look at those photographs. I'm sure you have some great ones. You look like you are in your element. Hope you are keeping cool and swimming a lot. People often write about their one of a kind experiences in journals, hint hint. BTW, we ran into Alice and family down here, so we have tech support until you return.
Barbara Hallinan 9:58AM 03/28/12
So many adventures so little time....sorry you are having rain, but glad it's not stopping the fun. Austin, the tilapia missed you last night, but don't worry, they weren't exactly jumping into the boat. Say hello to Adonis and Marvin for me!
Da' Browns 9:29AM 03/28/12
Sounds very interesting! Can't wait to hear about the monkeys. I hope you are getting enough to eat. We miss your constant trips to the pantry and fridge!
Stephanie Thomson 9:26AM 03/28/12
Anjele, it is so amazing what you are experiencing right now. I'm so proud that you were given the opportunity to experience this adventure. I can't wait to see all your pictures and read your journal entries. Continue to have fun and enjoy!!!!!!! Mom
Melanie Larkin 7:16AM 03/28/12