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Day 3 - Creeking and riding in the Rainforest

March 27, 2012

In the Corcovardo Forest with a primeval Ceiba Tree.

In the Corcovardo Forest with a primeval Ceiba Tree.

This is just a short post until we recharge the battery. March 26 was another incredible day: the students experienced the complex ecosytem and challenges faced bu the Costa Ricans seeking to balance economic dvelopment and conservation:  In the horseback ride through the rain forest we saw signs of illegal lumberinb and faced the conundrum of needing gravel paths for the jeeps to get us - eco-tourists- closer to the forest, with the realization that doiing so itself, upsets the delicate balances.  The glorous thunderstorm that drenched us and cooled off our hardy yet trusted steeds, gave meaning to the term "rain forest".   The other half of he group- all the WHHS boys went creeking with Mr. Schnure, where besides the  POISON DART FROGS, they also enounteres   group of tourists with no guide tramping down he creek, Again a clash of economis vs. conservation.

Next blog wil describe the actual experiences from their journals.


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were the lemons in the wash baskets or did Frannie just have some wishful thinking?! Lol!
Perkins Arnhurst 2:04AM 03/29/12
We love reading about your adventures, and you all look great! Have fun, and be safe. Love you, Lincoln!
Sharon Smith 11:40AM 03/27/12
Hey guys...sounds like you are having a blast. Glad Dantino was up for visitors this year again. How many poison dart frog legs does it take to make a meal? and did you all live? Sleep tight...don't let the scorpions bite!
Da' Browns 10:06AM 03/27/12